MOTION from WOW inc on Vimeo.

WOW – Original Work
For WOW, the field of creative design continues to expand, in the areas of spatial installation, user interface design, application design and a range of other developmental fields. It was against this backdrop that this latest original work was produced, and was a great way of getting back to original 3DCG expression, which is WOW’s original field of expertise. This has allowed WOW to revisit its strength and richness of expressive power.

About the Work
Utilizing “particle expression”, “fluid simulation algorithms”, and “dynamics calculations”, all of which are specialities of 3DCG animation, WOW created abstract phenomena and space using wind, fire, water, light and smoke. The sophistication and vibrant movement of dance was expressed through the use of these nature phenomena.



Creative Director: Takuma Nakazi
Art Director: Kohei Nakama
Designers: Shingo Abe, Naoki Takano, Tomoya Kimpara, Hajime Nagatsuka
Music composer: Tomohiro Nagasaki

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